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Mojdeh means good news. It's also a Persian female name.
Mojdeh bede! Give us good news!
by Mojjjjjji June 22, 2016
1.Bad-Ass Sexy Pimpstress.

2. A person of uncontrollable beauty.

3. A female who has an explosive amount of sexual appeal.

4. Huge sexy lips.

5.A woman that uses men for her own purposes making them think that they have some sort of relationship with her, and dumps them when they become useless.

6. Fly
"Dayumn, that Mojdeh over there is so freegin hot. She givin me a boner!"
by asexypimp March 14, 2009
A freegin pimp. Awesome as it gets. Noone can compare. Usually with a really good sense of humor. Makes lots of money. Has huge sexy lips. And luscious hair. Girl who uses guys for her own needs then throws them away. Gorgeous and fly.
"Yo, Dayumn, look at that Mojdeh ova there. Dude, break me off a piece of that. MMM!"
by answergirl February 26, 2009
a bitchy sycho who gains control of others minds for her own sick purposes.Two faced and addicted to useless drama
oh gawd!dont talk to HER!shes such a frickin mojdeh
by mistress.mayhem March 20, 2009
A huge, bulimic, depressed, mentally deranged cukholderer
Only a mojdeh having sex with Mahatma Ghandi while puking.
by Ryan February 09, 2005
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