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Drinking a cup of Moise a day helps keep the doctor away!
by Moise September 23, 2003
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(n) Usually of Hispanic origin, known for being a man-whore and a player, but has a rather feminine side, likes to dress extravagantly fly no matter the occasion; and also extremely social and friendly to everyone; though a numerous number of guys hate on him lots of girls love him.
(v)Playing with girls emotions, and making them cry
Josh- "dude that man-whore is such a Moises"
Beth-"Shut up your just jealous you can't dress like that"
by Bentley6969 September 26, 2010
a sexy guy who always says he will think about it and never just says yes
oh my god that guy you asked out is such a moises!
by bob anderson August 15, 2007
(n) A Hispanic individual whose only positive attributes are his capabilities as a McDonald's worker. He also may be competent in any of the following disciplines: working at a liquor store, as a bathroom attendant, or as a drug dealer.
John: "Dude, I think I'm becoming a total Moises."
Andrew: "Nah, you're literate."
by Timmmmmmmah September 30, 2014
a guy who says he always cant get a ride but really just doesn't like people
Dude I invited 4 guys over and 3 of them where totally Moises's
by gigorgia April 07, 2008
A term coined by Gerardo Alvarez of San Diego, California in reference to marijuana while talking code. Either over the phone or in front of people. It can be used in short as Mois.
In Spanish: Saca la moises. or Donde esta Moises?

In English: Do you know were Moises is? or Is Moises going to come today?
by fictional reality October 22, 2008
A manipulative illegal immigrant who repairs homes and plays with women's hearts. He only loves married women who are citizens in hopes of getting a green card. He will go to any extreme to manipulate a woman even using his own mother and father. When all else fails he simply beats them to get his way with them.
Can that dude get alot of chics?
Only if he turns his Moises on.
by LaMigra71 November 01, 2010

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