One of many Machinima orginizations formed over xbox live. MoF stood originally for Monks on Fire but it has evolved into The Multimedia Orginization of Film. Videos posted by this company can be found on and other free video hosting sites.
The original clan for Halo 2 was called MoF Films
by MoF Monk April 15, 2007
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Mof is a shorter and much cooler way of saying, "Mofo."
Example 1. That guy is crazy as a mof.

Example 2. It smells like a mof in here.
by Luke Ax August 14, 2009
It's a german term fror "Mensch Ohne Freunde" (It means Human without friends)
"U r t3h b1GG3sT MoF ev4"

For example
J-J-J-J-Jan Holger Felsche Call him: 497734/335 (cuz hes stutterin)
by Pi Dschäg February 19, 2005
Shorted form of mofo
Don't be such a mof!
Stupid mof...
by THE MASTER OF CAKE October 20, 2003
Matter of fact; as a matter of fact
Chris Benoit is a 1 time World Heavyweight Champion in WWE. MOF, he did win it back in WCW, but gave it back right after because he wanted to go to WWF alongside Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn.
by Beef P@ty December 26, 2006
Insulting Dutch term to describe a German person.


Afrikaans word for homosexual.
"Kijk die vuile mof" - Look at that filthy German.

"Hy's 'n mof" - He's a homo.
by Fokjullenaaiers January 06, 2014
Stands for Machinima Orginization of Film. This is an independent film orginization which has become increasingly popular by the publishing and editing of videos which can be found on various free video hosting sites on the web. Machinima is video of computer and/or video gameplay edited to produce a full and professional video.
MoF Films is the company who produced this film
This movie was made by MoF Films
by MoF Monk April 15, 2007
That's a german term for "Mensch Ohne Freunde" (It means Human without friends)
You spend your whole time on the computer, you are such a MoF !!!
by Pi Dschäg February 19, 2005

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