MOF is a shortened way of saying my only friends. Usually a term used when you have a relatively small group of friends that can be deemed your only friends. They are a group of absolutely amazing people that can never be replaced.
Can't live without MOF, is MOF coming over tonight, MOF needs to be there
by Lily310 February 18, 2012
Short for Matter Of Fact.

Utterly confused with mofo
which is short for motherfucker.
The 2 are nothing alike.
girl: have you seen that girls hair it is sooooo tacky.
other girl: as a M.O.F i saw her yesterday and i think it looks good!
by thatgirlissocool March 14, 2011
Shorted form of mofo
Don't be such a mof!
Stupid mof...
by Anonymous September 28, 2003
One of many Machinima orginizations formed over xbox live. MoF stood originally for Monks on Fire but it has evolved into The Multimedia Orginization of Film. Videos posted by this company can be found on and other free video hosting sites.
The original clan for Halo 2 was called MoF Films
by MoF Monk April 15, 2007
Chat lingo for, male or female?
hey sexy pants
hey mof?
m u?
by A piece of shit October 22, 2003
mobidly obese freaks
sara and paige are mofs. ewwwww! RUNNN!
by mkfdrgyj February 02, 2009
Short term of "Mensch Ohne Freunde"
(that's german and means human without friends)
You spend all your time in the internet,
you are such a MoF

For example "Jan Felsche"
he is the biggest MoF ever!
Call him in germany 497734/335
by 1337 February 19, 2005

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