1. One whose only sexual conquest to date is a computer modem.
2. One who uses a modem as an aid to masterbation or wanking.
1. Look at that computer goon, i bet he is a modem-puller.
2. Oh damn, my modem didnt survive me pleasuring myself while watching Captain Janeway. Must give up modem-pulling.
by PistolPete September 24, 2004
Top Definition
A chronic lagger; especially in an online game such as Warcraft III. Usually having to do with the likelihood that the lagger is using a dial-up connection (56k or less) and may also be downloading music or something while playing the game, thereby taxing the connection beyond all reasonableness. Hence: modem PULLER.

Coined by scron on battle.net
That guy is such a modem-puller, he lags the game so much.
by Koby_Fish July 02, 2004
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