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a guy that is weak, small, scrawny or varied combinations of those pitiful attributes. you can also say scronz for plural
"What a scron that kid is"

"too many scronz out there bro, gotta give em some inspiration"
by Rambo12345 December 17, 2009
Synonym for marijuana

Guy 1: Hey, did you get the scron?

Guy 2: Yeah I did, let's light it up.

Guy 1: Hey Oh!
by sac-n-scron July 18, 2009
a living legend who also goes by the name Capn Ron. He possesses superior powers that only 2 people in the world know of, this power is called The Franklin.
Mike: "Did that guy just move that book across the room by staring at it?"
Chris: "Yea, he has The Franklin"
Mike: "Holy shit! He must be Scron!"
by Ben FUCKIN Franklin April 23, 2008
A word with many meanings. Can be used in place of any negative word.
"That scron is so ugly."
"What a fucking scron, he stole my geoods."
by Andy and Kev January 09, 2006
A kid named Gerald who lives in Northern Ontario who is a complete bixed person. He really enjoys playing games such as SC and Diablo 2.
"I got a hernea in my dick..."
by Scuba-Stevo April 30, 2005
A mythical urban creature that dwells in Glasgow's suburbs.
It is known for scaring small children using devious tactics like hiding on the ceiling. Notable features of the Scron are its long index fingers and purple colored skin. (Comparable to
other urban creatures such as the Boogie man.)
"Get aff me Scron!"
"Shut it ya wee Scron!"
(all examples are written in Glasweigan slang)
by Ronnie Purples May 05, 2007
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