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1. Modern Phoenician.
2. A person who is crazy about midcentury and contemporary modernism in Phoenix, Arizona.
3. A lover and liver of the modern lifestyle in Phoenix.
4. A member of Modern Phoenix.

Always used as a term of endearment or respect.
That crazy MoPho sold his Haver Home to finance the remodel on his Beadle Box.


Sup, MoPho? You going to hit that open house in Windemere tomorrow?


That MoPho sold six paintings on First Friday.
by PixelPixie October 22, 2006
A mobile telephone and a clever pun on mofo.
I called you on your mopho, but I got your voicemail, you twunt. Pick up next time. God.
by Schtee May 18, 2007
1. The abbreviation and concatenation of of 'mobile phone'

2. A misspelling of mofo
She's talking on her mopho again.
by superquickguy February 16, 2004
n. contraction of the phrase "Mother Fucker"; see mofo
That mopho just slashed my tires again!
by Chantizzle January 25, 2004
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