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A lie told in order to bed a target the subject is courting.
Jamie totally told that chick the "you know what they say about guys with big feet" line...as soon as she travels south she'll see he fed her a lay lie.
by Schtee May 09, 2007
A mobile telephone and a clever pun on mofo.
I called you on your mopho, but I got your voicemail, you twunt. Pick up next time. God.
by Schtee May 18, 2007
Getting some 'action' for the sole reason of easing boredom.
My friends were being really dull at the club so I went back with this big chick, Helen. It wasn't pretty but it was a fair distr'action.
by Schtee March 24, 2008
The uncomfortable, ill feeling one gets when one has performed a dispicable, regrettable act. A sort of remourse or regret.
"I got pretty drunk last night and slept with my Laura's sister. She called me just now...major emotion sickness.
by Schtee March 06, 2008

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