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Coolest character from the Soul Blade/Soul Calibur series of computer games. In versions sold in countries banning samurai culture, is replaced by a character named Arthur (who looks the same, only has blonde hair and an eyepatch).

Based on the real life Miyamoto Musashi.
Mitsurugi hacked up Kilik with his katana.
by Snake November 05, 2005
lol the damascus sword sucks.Only nOObs complain about it cause they cant block on soul calibur2 and therefor loses to the sucky damascus.Masamune is Mitsurugis best weapon.
what the feck`? u died?
by lolius nOObazon April 16, 2004
A shitty character in the video game Soul Calibur 2 that Phil Abrams uses all the time. The only pro for this character is his cheap, uber, god-like weapon, the Demascus sword; it deals like 400% damage! Though, ALL characters MUST BE balanced in the game (Mitsurugi with that weapon cannot block)
Damnit, Mitsu is frikkin unstoppable with his Demascus!
by psYcho February 12, 2004
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