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A long, thick and voluminous mullet, found on the beautiful redneck of Mississippi. I liken it to a lion's mane, only much prettier when observed in it's natural habitat.
That is the prettiest blond Mississippi Mudflap I've ever seen!
by Amber Rosa September 18, 2008
stupid redneck mullet
"If I see anyone with a Mississippi Mud Flap, I'm going to slit his neck, and shit down his throat."
by Sampson420ex October 03, 2004
is when you're doing a chick in the ass, and she accidently shards all over your junk leaving mud on your balls just like a mud flap.
"Dude, i was nailing this chick in the ass and she gave me a Mississippi Mud Flap! So I did a Tony Danza on the bitch."
by xMCxWAMMERx213x June 10, 2009
When eating out someone's asshole and they shit
Dude, I was eating out Emily's ass last night and she gave me a Mississippi mudflap
by Lord Gaben69 June 12, 2016
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