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Something you say after you fuck up. This way, people will think you have actually succeeded when in fact you have failed so miserably your former supporters have crossed over.
Mission Accomplished in Iraq, eh?
by rise up rise against June 16, 2004
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A phrase denoting failure. Usually used in conjunction with a photo op (where the failure wears a military costume) so that the press can have a collective orgasm.

Typically is followed by protracted guerilla wars that kill 100s of Americans in an arbitrary nation in the Islamic world
Before Mission Accomplished: 120 dead American troops

After Mission Accomplished: Over 1,000 dead American troops
by gdffdgfddsasdfasdfasdfasdf October 06, 2004
correction---4000 deaths and counting...
since mission accomplished, there have been over 4000 deaths
by MattT=P March 24, 2008
correction---2894 deaths
since mission accomplished, there have been nearly 3000 deaths
by Daniel198 December 03, 2006
a phrase used equivalently with FAIL. Used by President George W. Bush when he proclaimed his mission in iraq accomplished on may 1st 2003. The iraq war has since become the biggest failure of american foreign policy since vietnam. All use of this phrase should be in reference to this noted failure.
"Man, I bombed that test"
"Mission Accomplished."
(person spills coffee on self)
Other: mission accomplished

2. (conjugated as a verb)

"I'm taking two incompletes and my girlfriend found out I was cheating on her."
"well, you're just accomplishing missions all over the place."

by theinfamoushw January 04, 2009
When you take a shit and when you wipe there is nothing there.
Hey Jessica I just took a mission accomplished and I feel great!
by rainbow_skunk_ass_nigga June 09, 2011
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