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A word (taken from the word mission) that describes doing something very quickly and/or elaborately. One can go for a 'mish,' which means they will be well organised and efficient in their attempt to do/get something.
"Okay, so we're mishing it to Wellington, then we'll quickly mish it over to the airport, where we'll mish it to Auckland. We will then have an hour to mish it into town and get to the concert."

"Lets go mishing to get ice cream during lunch."
by WatchMe May 16, 2008
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The act of mingling at a party or gathering while simultaneously doing something else (like eating, or dancing, or all three etc.)
We were mishing at Sara's party last night. It was awesome; I was like, dancing and talking to five people at the same time.
by Ozmama June 12, 2014
Positive adjective similar to sic, awesome etc. Often abbreviated to mishin'.
"I found this really mishing website the other day."
by Mister Tommy April 13, 2007

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