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This guy gets a thumb up, that is for sure. However, can we really tell if he has thumbs or not? Is he capable of giving himself a thumbs up, or must he hold a thick pencil in his palm facing skyward to resemble a thumb? Either way the man is a legend, thumb or no thumb. He is close with Dan the Man but not in a sexual, friend ship, or literal meaning.
Is that a pencil in Miotch's hand?
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong December 23, 2004
3 11

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adj. Latin Orgin. /mee-otch/ an eloquent term use to place a woman into her proper social strata without her knowing that she is truely without a doubt a bitch
Steve replied to Laura, "Why do you always have to be such a miotch about everything?"
by Epsilon 219 May 02, 2005
24 6
I Hate You!
by you damn sure know who this is February 19, 2004
0 1
1.) Derogatory term for your friend Mitch; to be used on all festive occassions.

2.) rhymes with "Biatch".
"What up Miotch? pass the bowl...biatch!"
by you know who this is February 17, 2004
5 6
Instead of using the curse word "bitch," I used to call my mom "miotch" to get around cursing. Plus, it sounds cooler.
You are one stupid miotch!
by Joel July 09, 2004
1 8