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An adjective to describe a very fabulous individual who enjoys donkey rides into town and bananas peeled by Naomi Campbell. He may also be a vagina inspector that frequently holds very exclusive book fairs in his kitchen.
That mino sure loves ninjas and chugging hot coffee while spritzing burberry cologne.
by bridgete the ninja July 20, 2006
Sudden urge to lie down. Needing to nap throughout the day.
"Man, I am sooo tired, time for a mino"
by ranski January 18, 2005
A 40 year old black man who happens to be fantasizing about a life in the swamp with Shrek. Like said above he like bananas peeled but by Troye Sivan. He is a Nigahiga drug lord and has a scandal with Tyler Oakley. And has a penis the size of 1069 football fields.
Guy 1: Hey see that man over there?
Guy 2: Where? I can't see him, it's too dark.
Guy 1: It's broad daylight.
Guy 2: I think his name would be Mino.
by CalumHoodWannabe October 11, 2014
Known for having an extremely small penis
Did you see that mino, he had a pin dick.... such an MHAP
by PokieBlack June 14, 2010
Something that is randomly humorous. It can be used to describe anything - like a ball in the middle of a feild, an old woman carrying an ironing board, or a sudden random noise made by someone near you.
Originally created By Rachael Harding and her sister while watching a TV programme with a very goofy person on it.

Prounounced: min-oh
"omg thats so MINO buck"
by Sian & Rianna & Squaz & Rachael November 04, 2007
(U.S.) Marine In Name Only. An individual, usually a politician, who cites his connections to or service in the United States Marine Corps while undermining our men and women in uniform.
Rep. John Murtha has been called a MINO for denouncing U.S. Marines as "murderers" while legislating to cut funding for Armed Forces operations in Iraq.
by Bill_NEPA February 18, 2007
provencal world(southern france) meaning kid
hey mino! comment ca va?
c'est les minos qui jouent dans la cour
by netlock July 23, 2006
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