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An abbreviation for the state of Minnesota. Generally only used by those who don't reside in the state, most Minnesotans will get upset when it is said.
Non-Minnesotan: "Hey, when are you going back to Minny?"
Minnesotan: "How many times am I going to have to tell you to stop saying Minny? FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!"
by HFboards guy October 25, 2011
someone who says something thats not funny
or something that isn't funny
just people giving eachother insults and someones being not funny and calling it a MINNY!
by Allie Baby February 28, 2009
to jerk so low
guy 1 : yo u see him !
guy 2 : yeah he was jerkin so minny !
by suckoneisaac August 25, 2009
"Minny" is a short and informal nickname for Minnesota. Those who use it regularly are usually residents of Minnesota who feel they know and love their state well enough to call it so. It is often used by Minnesotans traveling elsewhere, casually referring back to their state during conversation.
"I can't wait to get back to Minny, I'm just dying to see a good hockey game!"
by blackbear91 July 31, 2009
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