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A Minkus is a very small, tan organism that has a unique skill set still to be discovered. The Minkus does not interact well with motor vehicles and has no ability to work on or operate them, some say cars are a Minkus' primary predator along with bigger stronger organisms that tend to "haze" the smaller more docile minkus. Strangely enough the Minkus idolizes the professional wrestler Triple H and tends to immolate his actions.

The Minkus has a very interesting reproductive cycle with an extremely short gestation period, this short gestation period allows the Minkus to birth numerous offspring annually which helps the species survive because over 80% percent die within the first 2 weeks after birth. The Minkus carries its offspring much like a marsupial in a pouch but strangely it also warms the Minklets at night like a mother hen does with it's chicks.
Minkus your so fucked.

Bend over and take this paddle Minkus.
by BloodyFace April 11, 2013
Named for the character Stuart Minkus of the television show "Boy Meets World," a minkus is a word to describe a particularly irritating and/or nerdy person.
With her new glasses, Barbara looked like quite a minkus.
by thefancyapple July 13, 2009
another word for a tweak or a hype.
man that guy is a minkus
by mr. beans567899000978 October 25, 2009
meanie not nice rude
stop being a soobin choi !
by kevin February 14, 2005
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