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A British description of something/or someone being Discusting, vile, ugly, rank. A Minging person can often be described as a 'Minger'.
Location: Cheap nightclub in the local Ghetto

Guy 1: "Who was that girl that tried to pick you up?"

Guy 2: "I dont know, but she was minging."

Guy 1: "Yeah, she was a proper Minger."
by la_dolce-vita December 23, 2005
50 44
Ugly disgusting rank.

Stems from the slang word of minge a womans genitalia which when not regularly washed or kept turns "mingeing" or shortened to "minging" and abused by all common people as an adjective to describe disgust and abject horror at something.
"i was like ... he was liek ... so i sed ... yeh whatever (makes w with hands) "minger" (turns w over making insulting m)"
by iexus March 09, 2005
31 27
when you are so drunk you do not know what you are doing
Me and my mate got absolutely minging last night

by Josh H** February 08, 2008
5 7
Something that is very disgusting(1) or someone who is very, very drunk(2)
(1) the puke on that cash machine is Minging

(2)he was so minging last night
by Bubbles October 03, 2003
9 11
someone who is unattractive and well, ugly
Is Katie's boyfriend fit?
no! he is totally minging!
by $cha-ching$ September 15, 2003
10 12
1. Filthy, unclean, unkempt
2. An ugly woman (or latterly, man)

The word minging has been around for ages, in common usage in the British Army since before 1983 when I first personally heard it. I didnt hear the word being used by civilians till the late 1990s.

It was latterly used to describe a real moose, minging then becoming minger
1. that rifle is minging, give me 100 press ups and clean it again.

2. Jeez did you see the minger that John pulled last night
by Geo2464 November 27, 2010
5 8
ugly,horrible, disgusting
that cat cak is minging
by anonymous September 15, 2002
24 27