To be performing badly or not up too scratch, especially in sports.
"Yo, bro, the other team was minging last nyt"
by Special K January 20, 2004
see pissed
Bloke 1: I drank 12 pints of stella last night

Bloke 2: Yeah mate, you were minging!
by jebus November 20, 2003
Used to describe someone who is extremely desperate for sex but highly unlikely to get any due to being a dead ringer for Bill Gates aged 14 and female.
Fred: "Hmm,(hic), she's quite tasty."
Joe: "Take your beer goggles off mate, she's minging!"
by High Priest Ramases September 24, 2004
(M)ucky (I)nept (N)o (G)ood - this is what ming means
by alan May 15, 2003
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