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The one who is owner of something.
Oscar: Look at this! This is mine already.
Kate: Really? Means you are its miner, man.
by Bogachenco December 12, 2011
1. a person who makes a living by working in a mine, digging up coal or whatever else lies beneath...usually several miles underground.
2. a type of school mascot
1. John worked as a miner in the mine...until it collapsed on him.
2. The Gillespie High School Miners are the best in the land!
by badassica March 19, 2006
A gold digger. A woman who tries to get with men simply for their money.
Bitch cleared out my wallet and dipped while I was in the shower. Shoulda known she was a miner.

"I had this miner on the lock. She said, that muthafucka look finer than a fuck."- Slick Rick from "If we give you a chance."

by Charles W March 27, 2008
one who runs crystal meth
The miner took the crystals to his buyer.
by streetwise111 June 12, 2010
its alrite.. its koool
u gotta pick ya brother up at 6

"dats MINER dont watch"
by spitz December 09, 2004