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a Dead End Job. Although it may seem promising when you start, company policy changes on a monthly basis, making it impossible to qualify for incentives. Meanwhile your superiors get paid to smoke.
I just got a job at Minacs! It's better than working at McDonalds...I guess
by Duke September 11, 2004
a Dead End Job. Although it may seem promising when you start, company policy changes on a monthly basis, making it impossible to qualify for incentives. The better you do your job, the less chances you have of being promoted. After Working at Minacs for more then 3 months, you will develop a case of Minass.
John's career as a truck driver was Minacs'ed because he went blind.
by Bill March 02, 2005
Now Owned by Aditya (Adit-eeeee-ah) Birla Group, Minacs is a dead end place unless you want to go no where in your career. You can come to work and deal with a bunch of incompetent monkeys (leaders). And there are plenty of them - especially at the executive level.

Minacs offers very little training, constantly changing ambiguous processes and a chance to work with a bunch of ID10Ts (Yes Democrats).
I could not get a real job, so I lucked out and got minacs'ed!
by Mindless ID10T March 10, 2008
A homophobic institution that promotes hate and stupidity at all levels of employment (IE Corporately Employees). Minacs only cares about the money it makes and not about how safe or happy the employees are. You will work at Minacs and go nowhere for years unless you can live with your nose in someones ass, which is how all internal promotions are done... You are either best friends with the recruiter and get promoted to a position like IT, or you are so stupid you can't even tie your own shoes and just do whatever your boss wants, regardless of how morally wrong it is, or how many people you piss off in the process. Your time is honestly better spent picking bottles off the street. You will hate Minacs if you apply there.
Minacs is comparable to being forced to eat a 437lb Man's shit after eating an "Inferno-Flare Mexi Meal" and the throwing it up, and being forced to eat your vomit, all while having a 70+ year old woman who has smoked 20+ cigarettes every day of her life squatting with her rotten vagina on your nose.
by signed_hater March 29, 2008
Corporate bull-shit at it's finest. Dead end job where they make you believe you are part of a greater "team" when in fact this is to be untrue. Many people who are a part of team minacs either hate their job because of having to deal with contractors customers. Or having to deal with management who can be agonizing at most.
Forcing corporate policy is at most an ideal as it is never followed threw with, depending on how much management likes you.
Staff can be explained as childish at most.
CYA (cover your ass) is a term commonly used as often other staff members go out of their way to get other staff members in trouble.
Those who are good at their jobs are often overlooked and their skills are not recognized.
If possible look for a job during training and then quit after nesting.
"when i die i hope i go to hell, anything beats minacs."
by MinacsStaff April 26, 2007
Acronym for

Masturbation is not a crime

Our ultimate frisbee team is named MINAC
by A pierre April 18, 2005
In science fiction fandom, short for MINimum ACtivity. Members of any given apa usually have a specific number of pages they must publish and contribute in a given period of time.
"He had to publish eight pages by the end of the year to meet his minac requirements."
by rich brown August 12, 2004
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