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Corporate bull-shit at it's finest. Dead end job where they make you believe you are part of a greater "team" when in fact this is to be untrue. Many people who are a part of team minacs either hate their job because of having to deal with contractors customers. Or having to deal with management who can be agonizing at most.
Forcing corporate policy is at most an ideal as it is never followed threw with, depending on how much management likes you.
Staff can be explained as childish at most.
CYA (cover your ass) is a term commonly used as often other staff members go out of their way to get other staff members in trouble.
Those who are good at their jobs are often overlooked and their skills are not recognized.
If possible look for a job during training and then quit after nesting.
"when i die i hope i go to hell, anything beats minacs."
by MinacsStaff April 26, 2007

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