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A homophobic institution that promotes hate and stupidity at all levels of employment (IE Corporately Employees). Minacs only cares about the money it makes and not about how safe or happy the employees are. You will work at Minacs and go nowhere for years unless you can live with your nose in someones ass, which is how all internal promotions are done... You are either best friends with the recruiter and get promoted to a position like IT, or you are so stupid you can't even tie your own shoes and just do whatever your boss wants, regardless of how morally wrong it is, or how many people you piss off in the process. Your time is honestly better spent picking bottles off the street. You will hate Minacs if you apply there.
Minacs is comparable to being forced to eat a 437lb Man's shit after eating an "Inferno-Flare Mexi Meal" and the throwing it up, and being forced to eat your vomit, all while having a 70+ year old woman who has smoked 20+ cigarettes every day of her life squatting with her rotten vagina on your nose.
by signed_hater March 29, 2008

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