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“Illville” Millville aka “The Holly City” is a small crappy hick town just south of Vineland in Southern New Jersey. Millville is known for its art district, which draws no crowds or tourists to the city and is just an expensive “only for show” program on a dirt poor municipal budget where any wanna-be artist with no real ambition or talent can stick his ego-hungry erection into this public cock pocket for a little attention.

Millville is the only place where you can live on Section 8 and work at the local Wal-Mart and still have a new Dodge Intrepid parked in front of your raggedy ass apartment. Millville is the only city in South Jersey where the Ku Klux Klan can have a rally and even the white folks boo them for not being “diverse enough” in their bias, hateful ignorance.

Millville shares a slanted, fucked up board line with Vineland, so if your residence or company is located on that board line, you’re going to pay two separate bills from two different electric companies. Jobs in Millville are about as decent as scraping clay chunks of feces from the walls of a septic tank. Millville is the paper cup that every groom’s man brushes their teeth and spits into.
KISHA: I thought you liked The Holly City. Your pimp ain’t treatin’ you right?
JANE: Fuck no. Millville sucks. I’m moving to Atlantic City to be a hooker.
by MASKED BASTARD (MB) January 15, 2009
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