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Best damn brew on the planet period. Nothing hits the spot like a cold Miller lite on a hot day. There is nothing that I would rather be caught with in my hand with the exception of an MGD.

Miller Lite is sick ass and takes the back seat to nobody.
Hey jonny i'm a poor bum. All I can eat on this budget is lakeport and cans of beans.

Well sir I drink Miller lite because I like to look like a dope ass hustler.
by Russ Hamilton June 05, 2006
one of the best, cheap beers out there.
id give my friend a miller lite, but hes a redneck and only drinks bud lite.
by Velocifero July 18, 2005
A brand of beer-flavored water
Beer Drinker #1: This beer is old, Man. It tastes like all the flavor sank to the bottom of the bottle.

Beer Drinker #2: It isn't old, Dude, it's Miller Lite.
by williamtheconqerorworm January 16, 2011
By far the most foul tasting beer out there; a disgrace to light beers.
Dude #1- "Hey man, wanna get drunk?"
Dude #2- "Hell yes, lets get shitfaced."
Dude #1- "Sweet! I've got some frosty Miller Lites in the cooler."
Dude #2- "Oh, I'll have a soda instead."
by azrich April 17, 2009
Arguably the most overrated beer in the world.
Taste no better than Busch but cost more.
Dude1: Hey lets get some good beer tonight, Lets get Miller Lite.

Dude2: Fuck that Miller Lite sucks, lets get something else.

Dude1: But it won all those world beer cups, it must be good.

Dude2: Yeah because Miller Lite is overrated.
by someguy55 May 30, 2008
The worst beer known to man. Can be seen being drunk almost exclusively by rednecks.
Hey Cletus, pass me a miller lite before I have sex with my sister.
by Um...Joe October 01, 2004
The best damn beer known to man
by Anonymous October 20, 2003