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An uncircumcised penis, due to its resemblance to a Milk Bottle lolly
Patty is a big fan of docking, but being cut he requires his partners to have milk bottles. He would prefer to be the dockee rather than the docker, but obviously this is physically impossible. As such, he still harbours resentment against his mother for knocking the top off his milk bottle.
by Wrist Wrangler October 11, 2011
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A name given mainly to European women who frequent the sunny beaches of the Carribean, looking for an exotic shag by Jamaican 'Rastatutes' (Rastafarian statutes: built-up sex-industry workers), to denote their horniness (they resemble empty milk bottles waiting to be 'filled' with 'white'... uh, man-milk!)...
British milk bottles are dime-a-dozen on Seven Mile Beach whenever the tourists' season starts in Jamaica!
by hammer---;, hytham April 11, 2007
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A penis of impressive girth, resembling the dimensions of a UK pint bottle of milk.

Has great potential for destruction or ruination of the recieving partner.
Ann: Why Billie you are walking a little strange today!

Billie: Yeh, that guy i took home last night was a real milk bottle, i just couldnt face seconds this morning.
by bond Don January 09, 2008
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a bottle of milk for babies
He's 20 years old and still drinks out of a milk bottle.
by therealvirgin January 30, 2010
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A racist term to describe white people.
Man, why do those milk bottles gotta keep us down!?
by Jason McDildohead May 22, 2015
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