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1)The act of trying to produce milk from a steer. Results may vary.
2)Euphemism for yanking the genitals in a downward motion.
1)Josiah did his very best to draw dairy product from the old Fella, but he was kicked clear in the head. Just goes to show, you can teach a man to fish, but ye jus kain milk the bull.
2)Jillian attempted to milk Tommy's bull right there at the booth, but she only succeeded in drawing the attention of the other patrons at Applebee's. The steady popping noise was too distracting from the delightful delicacies of which they were partaking. The waitress was forced to lend a hand to expedite the process.
by Pantaloon January 26, 2008
Male masterbation or the recieving of manual stimulation of similar nature from another.
"Dude, after four cups of coffee and a walk on the beach I had to milk the bull or I'd die."
by DiscoDuck August 18, 2009
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