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4 definitions by DiscoDuck

To take the greyhound bus on a shitty low-cost rambelling adventure through ugly terrain with really poor desperate people .
I'm so tired. I spent the last four days greydoggin' through the shittiest states imaginable. I sat beside this methed-out kid who wouldn't stop talking about wicked beats.
by DiscoDuck August 18, 2009
To be monsterousely cool with your friends and enjoy a good time together. For the Hang to be Tough one encorperates the finest clothes, notions, music, food, conversation etc.
"Aw shit man, yesterday me n' Lil'Checkers got da crew together n' totally had a tough hang. We listened to Iron Butterfly and ate a shitload of doritos. Den Freaky Frank's girls came over with some generic cola. OH SHIT. I was like "SNAP"!
by DiscoDuck August 18, 2009
Male masterbation or the recieving of manual stimulation of similar nature from another.
"Dude, after four cups of coffee and a walk on the beach I had to milk the bull or I'd die."
by DiscoDuck August 18, 2009
Male masterbation.
Yesterday's hot weather really inspired some "manstration".
by DiscoDuck August 18, 2009