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Derogatory name for a white person or person with little pigment.
Random person:Sup milk face honkey
Milk face honkey:*Bursts into tears*
by Mattie Fantastic May 30, 2007
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A bitch who just finished sucking a cock, and doesn't know she still has cum on her face.
She sucked my cock, and when she looked up at me, the Milkface didn't even know she stil had my cum on her face.
by Chris Stuck January 26, 2008
Some one with gentle face
Your are a milk face. and u have plastic legs.
by jhjujhu March 17, 2005
when you cum in your hand and slap a sleeping friend in the face.mainly a boy
yo i just milk faced brian so bad lastnight
by justin343 October 01, 2007

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