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to be calm, cool, flowing. relaxed in an upbeat atmosphere
My boyfriend was lucubrious with me, even though the club was bouncing.
by Jacks July 30, 2003
to be intoxicated or drunk from libations, faded
"Let's get milk-faced and hum like rabbits." -MTV's The State
by Jacks July 15, 2005

Death = Popcorn = good. Comes in many different shapes and forms, but normally relates to the occurance of death.

Often thought of as edible.
"I want deathcorn"
"Oh Deathcorn, oh Deathcorn, how lovely is your DEAAATHHHHH"
by Jacks April 19, 2003
1: a group of beleaves
2: a great rock band
"not to discriminate by race,sex or creed"
"creed rock man!"
by jacks August 03, 2003

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