She so pulled a Miley Cyrus.
by sillyness is a must. February 01, 2011
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A once somewhat cute girl and the singer of some... ahem... pop music under the name "Hannah Montana," who made Hannah Montana the Movie, before contracting a rare disease that caused her hair to fall out, have an unnatural desire to make out with everything, and mistake heavy demolition equipment as viable things to ride.
Idiot: Holy crap I love Miley Cyrus so much!!!!!!!!1

Upstanding Citizen: Dude, have you seen her since 2010?
by TheDefiniteForce December 23, 2013
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Miley cyrus is a basic white girl trying to be black. Miley was once on the unhit tv show "Hannah Montana"

she is horrible at twerking and her tongue is ugly, her ass looks like a turkeys and she needs a tooth brush.
"Wow, No wonder Miley Cyrus turned out this way, She was from disney"
by Iusedtobecool February 22, 2014
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1. Disney's attempt to continuous let your children to be subliminally trained to become a dumb whore.

2. A cunt who has zero unique musical talent. I'm not even sure if she actually has any talent beyond anything on an elementary level. She's just has a cute girly voice, a sexualized face that I'd love to pool shoot with my cock, and a little body that makes hormones rage.
The climb is a shitty song by miley cyrus, featuring a rip off of the old philosophy to keep trying, terrible vocals, constant indirect metaphorical lyricism - blah blah blah, and not one good musical sound.

The song has been used as leverage to give her legit ground, and seeing 90% of the people suck at life they just can't see how the so called talented, who are actually nothing more than slutty singers, are turning little daughters into nothing more than fucking confused about sex/life tools.

You are a bad parent if you think Miley Cyrus, is okay or worst yet better than okay.

Learn to swim.
by fb111 January 27, 2010
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Crazy, crack addicted, ugly, whore who thinks she can sing... She is known for staring as Hannah Montanna... Do you know she only got that role because her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus? Yes it is true, she has no talent. Everyone thinks she is bigger then her father but they don't know the truth... Billy Ray is a billion times better then Miley (A.K.A Destiny Hope)... Anyone who likes this crazy, no talent bitch doesn't know a good singer even if they bite that person on the arse... GO TO HELL YOU FREAKS!!! MILEY SHOULD DIE!!!
CrazyFan1: Oh My God! Did you she that poster? It had Miley Cyrus on it...

CrazyFan2: Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I did...


CrazyFan1 & 2: Good point... Why do we like her?
by WhyTheFuckDoYouLikeThatBitch? January 13, 2010
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The star of Disney Channel show Hannah Monatana. Miley is the daughter of American country singer Billy-Ray Cyrus.
Miley Cyrus is one of the cutest girls on TV at the moment
by Gareth Ronan August 17, 2006
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A talentless whore that always seems to be singing about herself and her wonderful life as being a rich spoiled brat. Her voice can kill an elephant yet the deaf tweens (11 yr old fatties chicks) in the world would pay money to see her stupid cliche movies and concerts. She sings extremely loud and off key all the time yet is always voted as best pop singer at kids choice awards. She is such a great role model for the young generation out there, posting porno pics on her myspace and dating underwear model that are over 18 yrs old (Sarcasm). All miley cyrus haters are counting the days til her life is fucked up the ass like those other disney stars.
Miley Cyrus: Hey y'all, how you doing tonite?!?
Tween Droans: OMG OMG OMG Miley Cyrus we love you. We dont care if we pay 100$ to see your shit concert bcuz we want you to get rich off of our parents money while you run around with your top off WOOOHHH!!!
Miley Cyrus: Thats great y'all, well then lets get this concert going!
by AnonymousAthiest April 18, 2010
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