A new way that Disney channel found to earn money.
What's the difference betwen a Miley Cyrus concert and a strip pub?
- In Miley's concert kids are alowed to go in.
by ElectronikGeisha February 08, 2010
A skanky little dingleberry who thinks shes a 'rockstar'. She is not pretty, talented or smart.
Average 10-year-old girl: Like, oh my gawsh, like, Miley Cyrus is, like, so, like, pretty and, like, talented
Average person: I need my shotgun. NOW
by shnitzelzorg January 21, 2010
Crazy, crack addicted, ugly, whore who thinks she can sing... She is known for staring as Hannah Montanna... Do you know she only got that role because her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus? Yes it is true, she has no talent. Everyone thinks she is bigger then her father but they don't know the truth... Billy Ray is a billion times better then Miley (A.K.A Destiny Hope)... Anyone who likes this crazy, no talent bitch doesn't know a good singer even if they bite that person on the arse... GO TO HELL YOU FREAKS!!! MILEY SHOULD DIE!!!
CrazyFan1: Oh My God! Did you she that poster? It had Miley Cyrus on it...

CrazyFan2: Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I did...


CrazyFan1 & 2: Good point... Why do we like her?
by WhyTheFuckDoYouLikeThatBitch? January 13, 2010
wow thats miley cyrus?
ya shes a whore
by ryee December 28, 2009
A stupid Hilary Duff bubblegum pop-singer wannabe who cannot act or sing to save her life and irritates everyone in the room. Has the stupidest TV show ever with the dumbest plot about how a teenage girl transforms into the pop star Hannah Montana at night. Apparently a blonde wig fools everyone. It was stupid also because the show began when she was like 13 and in 7th grade. Who the hell would go to a concert that featured a 13-year-old kid singing?! How many people was she really fooling into thinking she was old enough to BE a pop star?! She also tries extra hard to shed her good-girl image but every attempt only makes her look more pathetic and immature.
Guy #1: Oh my God, did you see those pictures of Miley Cyrus with her dad?! Guy #2: Dude, I know right! Here's a tip for ya, if you want to shed your good-girl image, don't take adult pictures with your DAD ON SET!!!
by mileyhater01 August 15, 2009
Noun: Girl with no talent. Her songs suck, famous cause of her dad, she thinks she's cool and loved by everyone, which is false, all of her songs are pure bullshit. Her voice sounds like a whale having sex on a beach and her face looks like an ass.
Look at that Miley Cyrus floating in the toilet.
by LL2856 June 25, 2009
1. A slut that likes wrinkley peen.

2. Young girls role model, until she posted semi- Nude pictures.
3. Best Know for her preformance on American Idol in 2009, when she sang the Hit Song from her movie "Hannah Montana Movie"
4. Next Britney Spears.
She is so acting like Miley Cyrus.
by Hair Flip May 15, 2009

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