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A teenage popstar/actress. Best known for her television show "Hannah Montana" on the Disney Channel. She had one of the most successful tours on 2007. Both of her solo albums went to number one. She has faced much controversy over "leaked" internet photos and a scandalous "Vanity Fair" photoshoot.
Miley Cyrus was performing at the awards show last night.
by lmao123 September 21, 2008
67 74
to have terrible teeth and a manly voice, 'miley cyrus' can be used on the same level as words like 'slut' or 'bitch'

can be used to induce suicide
Genie:i will grant you one wish
cobain: show me what music will look like in 19 years

a miley cyrus video appears
cobain 'takes a shotgun and kills himself'
by modernmusichater November 03, 2010
12 20
A robot made by disney
You not a robot so stop acting like a miley cyrus.
by Dudewiththebluehair April 07, 2010
15 23
A slutty whore who thinks she knows everything but in fact, if her hair was to ben dyed blonde everyone would think that is her natural hair color. She obvisoly wants to be the next Paris Hilton/Lindsey Lohan/Brittney Spears (but without the come back) Half of the population loves her and the actually sane people hate her and wants to drive over to her house just to run over her. Her 20 something ex-boyfriend use to live with her and is basically the biggest bitch on the planet.
Amy: Miley Cyrus is so awsome I love her!!!
Sammantha: What the hell! are you stupid you whore! Only the stupidest bitches in the world think she is awsome. She is a SLUT!!!
Amy: whoa chill.
by Mileyhatter March 31, 2010
18 26
A skanky little dingleberry who thinks shes a 'rockstar'. She is not pretty, talented or smart.
Average 10-year-old girl: Like, oh my gawsh, like, Miley Cyrus is, like, so, like, pretty and, like, talented
Average person: I need my shotgun. NOW
by shnitzelzorg January 21, 2010
20 28
Crazy, crack addicted, ugly, whore who thinks she can sing... She is known for staring as Hannah Montanna... Do you know she only got that role because her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus? Yes it is true, she has no talent. Everyone thinks she is bigger then her father but they don't know the truth... Billy Ray is a billion times better then Miley (A.K.A Destiny Hope)... Anyone who likes this crazy, no talent bitch doesn't know a good singer even if they bite that person on the arse... GO TO HELL YOU FREAKS!!! MILEY SHOULD DIE!!!
CrazyFan1: Oh My God! Did you she that poster? It had Miley Cyrus on it...

CrazyFan2: Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I did...


CrazyFan1 & 2: Good point... Why do we like her?
by WhyTheFuckDoYouLikeThatBitch? January 13, 2010
28 36
Girl with no brain.Actually,no nothing.Her daddy made her a star in Disney Channel and now she thinks she is living the best of both worlds.Hates chinese people and is a total slut.
Best know as Hannah Montana.Her songs are all fake and,Im sure she thinks she is perfect.Her mini pants and her new looks are sign of her new life as a slut.
MIley:Daddy,can i be star pleaseeee?I want Miley Cyrus the idol on the cover of seveteen magazine
Billie Ray Cyrus:Sure Darlin
by thetrueteller November 25, 2009
20 28