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NOUN Someone who cannot be described. Too cool for everyone else. Start using this word and spread the word "chimby." By doing this, you will soon become one.
Wow. She is such a chimby. Just so chimbalicious.
by Chimbalicious September 04, 2011
The state of being a chimby.
Dang, girl! You are looking chimbalicious today!
by Chimbalicious September 04, 2011
there's so many ways to describe her, but the easiest is to say the biggest try-hard-failure-slut. Miley used to be a cute 12-year-old on Hannah Montana, but i guess the fame got to her. Her parents got divorced because of her, so they obviously need to be doing a better job at parenting. they better be careful, because i would hope that they don't want any of their other kids turning out like their whore older sister.
Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas, Miley Cyrus! I mean, that is what you are, right? a Ho, Ho, Ho. Let's see what you asked for on your Christmas list. Some lingerie... some guys... and a pole! Well isn't that just wonderful, you little disney channel star?
by Chimbalicious September 04, 2011
i don't even know how to describe her/him... who is she? can i even call Lady Gaga a "she?" Anyway, she has no class whatsoever, the worst wardrobe in existence, and dresses up as a man while trying to kiss Britney Spears. Yeah, some of her songs are pretty good, but others get on your nerves pretty quickly. She used to be better liked, but sometimes people just need to know when enough is enough.
Lady Gaga continues to change and she still says "i was born this way," when really, she is basically an entirely different person every time you see her. One day she's in an egg, and the next she's a man.
by Chimbalicious September 04, 2011

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