A talentless whore that always seems to be singing about herself and her wonderful life as being a rich spoiled brat. Her voice can kill an elephant yet the deaf tweens (11 yr old fatties chicks) in the world would pay money to see her stupid cliche movies and concerts. She sings extremely loud and off key all the time yet is always voted as best pop singer at kids choice awards. She is such a great role model for the young generation out there, posting porno pics on her myspace and dating underwear model that are over 18 yrs old (Sarcasm). All miley cyrus haters are counting the days til her life is fucked up the ass like those other disney stars.
Miley Cyrus: Hey y'all, how you doing tonite?!?
Tween Droans: OMG OMG OMG Miley Cyrus we love you. We dont care if we pay 100$ to see your shit concert bcuz we want you to get rich off of our parents money while you run around with your top off WOOOHHH!!!
Miley Cyrus: Thats great y'all, well then lets get this concert going!
by AnonymousAthiest April 18, 2010
Girl with no brain.Actually,no nothing.Her daddy made her a star in Disney Channel and now she thinks she is living the best of both worlds.Hates chinese people and is a total slut.
Best know as Hannah Montana.Her songs are all fake and,Im sure she thinks she is perfect.Her mini pants and her new looks are sign of her new life as a slut.
MIley:Daddy,can i be star pleaseeee?I want Miley Cyrus the idol on the cover of seveteen magazine
Billie Ray Cyrus:Sure Darlin
by thetrueteller November 25, 2009
complete slut
got naked for a lads mag

unfortunatley she looks like a five year old boy
so that didnt work for her
also shes 16 so no self respecting male would look at that
she shouldnt be famous

shes in hannah montana
also she cant sing
or act
and has a really bad fake accent
did you see miley cyrus in vanity fair?
no im not a peadophile
by little_miss_naughty October 03, 2009
Some thrashy hick wannabe singer who woundnt know a tune if it punched her in those misquito bite tities. Also, she only popular for ONE song. (Best of both worlds)
Dude 1: Dude i love miley cyrus!

Dude 2: you mean the hillbilly one hit wonder?

Dude 1: yeah shes great.
Dude 2: .....

Dude 2 pulls out magnum 500 and empties it into dude 1
by klan killer August 16, 2009
The combination of severe schizofrenzia and a large piece of shit painted a sickly, whitish-greenish color. If encountered, it will cause painful anal pangs which occur every other hour for 3 weeks; prolonged exposure can cause fainting, stroke, heart attack, AIDS, or even death. Audio recordings of the Miley Cyrus have been captured, and are readily available on the Internet. Extreme caution is advised while listening to audio tapes, as they may cause eardrums to explode. However, under careful examination, several scientists discovered that the Miley Cyrus appears to be calling in more if its' kind, to complete the annhilation of the human race.

Not to be confused with the ugly pop singer.
John: Hey Joe, whatever happened to that new guy, Marty?
Joe: He was hiking up in the woods when he went missing. They say he encountered a Miley Cyrus. Damn thing ripped him limb from limb. Poor guy never stood a chance.

Kate: I love Miley Cyrus!
Jim: Fuck you!
by italianguitarist69 April 16, 2009

A braying donkey that resembles a rabid chipmunk.
Except less cute then you would expect, and horrendously self righteous.

Guy 1"Oh god, shes back"
*the Miley Cyrus brays*
Guy 1"Naw man, I wish I could, she just loves to hear herself"
Guy 2"...well she's the only one"
Guy 1"Hey. Hey man, Nobody's Perfect"
Guy 2".....ha.....clever"

See clip below for a good example
by Farnip April 14, 2009
to have terrible teeth and a manly voice, 'miley cyrus' can be used on the same level as words like 'slut' or 'bitch'

can be used to induce suicide
Genie:i will grant you one wish
cobain: show me what music will look like in 19 years

a miley cyrus video appears
cobain 'takes a shotgun and kills himself'
by modernmusichater November 03, 2010

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