Miley Cyrus is AHHHHH!!!! That bitch is ugly. Her smile makes my eyes burn and her face looks like an infected vagina(blue waffle. Miley Cyrus is an anorexic bitch who gets fucked in the ass every night by her father Billy Ray Cyrus. She works for Disney and sells her body for fifteen cents and on Sundays for one dollar. She also makes scat videos for Children.
Miley Cyrus is a skeleton, children should not watch her.
by Hater 2010 July 05, 2010
A robot made by disney
You not a robot so stop acting like a miley cyrus.
by Dudewiththebluehair April 07, 2010
A slutty bitch who doesn't know that she has younger fans watching her. She goes pole dancing, humps her dancer, wheres push-up bras and shirts that show her boob.

If you a Niley fan well then you should know that Miley was the one that ruined the relationship by kissing some other pervert. Now she is dating Liam. Liam only wants more fame and is dating Miley Cyrus. He was kissing her in Paris and there where paparazzi around.

If you are a Miley Lover then your a Miley wanna be.
Mommy I changed my mind, I don't wanna be a Miley Cyrus when I grow up! *smiles*
by MusicxLaughx December 27, 2009
1. A mind-raping future prostitute with NO talent, NO drug problem *coughs*, and NO real fans. Her singing consists of yelling, brainwashing young girls (and boys?), and lyrics about herself whoring with guys. Do you REALLY like to listen to her music? Then she must have mind-raped you in the ass.

2. A "singing," slutty drag queen (A.K.A. Hannah Montana) who banged the AIDS monkey and spread it to everyone.
Guy: Hey Miley, you wanna bang my orangutan?
Miley: Yeah! Then I'll sing about it so Disney can rape those kids!!
*goes to room*
Guy: Holy Sh-it! You're a man!
Miley: I'm not Miley Cyrus or a man, I'm Bono
*runs away from her boner*
by What-A-Twist September 09, 2009
Just another Disney Channel Card board cutout With no talent or life ahead of her.

Walt disney would throw up if he were to see what Disney Channel has turned into! All of these horrible no-talent teeny boppers who think they can sing and act, It's just awful!!!

First off, Her dumb TV show doesnt even make sense. A "Double-life?" Who would possibly be able to even pull that off? I mean, what's the premise of it, even?

And she wears that retarded blond wig even when she's NOT acting! Its like she actually thinks she is two people...o.O...somebody call the counselor!!!

And her acting is A.W.F.U.L.!!!! All her little "jokes" during her TV show just make me want to throw something at the television set...I mean, the only funny part about anything she says is how hard shes trying to be funny, when clearly she isn't!!!!

Her Songs/Singing voice are almost as hideous as her clothing style....I mean, seriously, the only things she ever sings about is being dumped and her "double life". And she CANT sing!!! She sings by yelling, and straining her voice...People actually think shes famous for her TALENT??! Uhm. No. The only reason she's even heard about is because Her daddy used to be a big star!!! For about 2 seconds. Which is what will happen to her, hopefully. Then we won't have to see her big head and horrible lyrics plastered all over everything.

She calls herself a Rockstar!?!!?!?
Anyone who could even MISTAKE her for ANY genre of rock, is obviously Deaf.

Try, crappy-voiced-teeny-bopper-pop-star-wanna-be-drama-queen WITH NO TALENT!!!

She doesn't even move around on stage!
She just stands there and yells and swings her big
ape head around...And she's mistaken if she thinks she can play guitar...HA. I've seen new-bord children with more talent then her!!!

She's brainwashed society, mainly the poor innocent souls of little girls aged 5-12, and possibly older, if they're tricked into thinking they're cool or something. She's made it so that self-concious little wannabe's think that the only way a girl can be pretty is if shes about a size 0, wears ugly clothes that don't match, and has big puffy ugly curly brown hair.

I don't even see why people think she's attractive!
HUGE head,
NOT shaped like a real person,
HUGE lips,
HUGE teeth,
Squinty eyes,
And a loud obnoxcious voice with an annoying fake

Country-girl accent.

I am NOT a Jonas Brothers fan.
I despise Miley simply because she SUCKS.
And So do the Jonas Brothers,
And every other "Creation" Disney has crapped.
Brain washed 11 year old #1: OMG did you see that over sized plaid scarf Miley cyrus was wearing at the TeenyBopper awards last night!?!?

Brain washed 11 year old #2: I sure did!! I made daddy drive me to the mall and I bought 4 JUST like it!!!

Brain washed 11 year old#3: Oh yeah?? Well I got those Knee-high hooker-cow girl boots she was wearing in episode 342!!!!

#1 and #2: LUCKY!!!!!
by DisneyS_U_C_K_S August 24, 2009
A 19-year-old teenage celebrity girl who actually acts like a normal 19-year-old. She is often misunderstood because of her clothing choices. Has an amazing voice but is often put down for having dated Nick Jonas (a member of the Jonas Brothers band). People expect her to be all goody-two-shoes and an ass kisser for her role on Hannah Montana, a hit Disney series. Has dated the likes of Nick Jonas, Justin Gaston and (is still dating) Liam Hemsworth.

Often compared to other Disney stars such as her fellow friends Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. People have called her a 'slut' and a 'whore' for what she wears, which I personally think is stupid because clothes don't define who you really are.

Has an amazing curvy body which if I had, I would've been proud to have. People call her 'fat' for not having a stick-thin body like Selena Gomez does. Was bullied when she was younger and is still continued to be bullied with all the hate and the name-calling.

Stop hating on her. Before you try to bring her down and call her all these hurtful stuff, please make sure you have your own 3 albums and have 5 records on the Guinness Book of Records. Stop hate. Radiate LOVE.
by Just Love November 17, 2011
An overhated teen-pop sensation with a good heart despite a few flops
Person 1: Dang that girl Miley Cyrus has endured so much
Person 2: THAT'S a true role model
by Cowboysfan1992 January 14, 2011
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