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A hot, kind natured man, who would do anything to please. Generally smart, with a liking for sci-fi genre of film - aka Star Wars.
Girl 1: What do you think of that?

Girl 2: Corrrrr, what a Mikey!
by Sara Hicks July 30, 2008
383 284
The love of life and the one who will have a girl's heart forever. She is not ashamed of his love, and he is not ashamed of her's.

He likes to cuddle and be held, occasionally scratched behind the years.
Be warned, Mike may think he is a horrible bad person, when in fact he is only deeply in love and attempting to change himself for the better, with the help of this author.
Because of his efforts and love for others,including but not limited to his love of his life, he is a genuine and caring person who is a desperate need of some major love-making.
"You are such a mikey sometimes...but I love you anyways"

"You are the sweetest mikey I've ever seen."
by SaraBear86 May 02, 2009
211 120
Mikey is the gentleman of all gentlemen. At your lowest moments, he has the ability to bring a smile to your face while you momentarily lose yourself in his eyes. He can make you laugh with the most trivial of stories that he elaborately shares with his mesmerizingly beautiful lips… lips that make your heart beat out of your chest when he curls them into his signature smile... Smiling as he focuses all his attention solely on you as the whole world around you stops. A single glance can make you blush. He is considerate, kind, and quite adorable, despite his stubborn resentment towards the adjective. He takes your every word into consideration as plans his next endeavor to melt your heart resulting in an impression that can never be forgotten nor replaced. His only flaw? Falling for inconsiderate and evil women that cannot comprehend, accept, nor are they deserving of the amazing love that his is willing to offer. He deserves a happily ever after with someone that can give him what he truly deserves... everything.
Mikey is not the one you deserve, but he is the one you need.

Mikey is and always will be my hero.
by old-maid June 11, 2013
39 10
short for michael,

he does not like being called this however but mikey is acceptable but only by Belle,to anyone else its Mike.
A sex god by all definitions.And Although very sexy,He can be quiet and nerdy at times, but that is all part of what makes him special.

he is honest and caring and has the most amazing penis. His friends wish they could please women like he does, he makes his girl almost break the sound barrier!!! He's super smart cute funny and sexy. a really awesome guy
Mike isn't available for just ANYONE. A Mike must be placed with a Belle,When placed with that special someone there will be sparks!
If you are lucky enough to find a mikey hold on tight with both hands and never let him go or you will regret it forever.
Guy:hey mikey!
Mikey:Dude .. just no its mike.

Guy1: mike, what is your secret, how do you get all the girls?
Guy2: yeah mike, how do you do it?
Mikey: well im sorry i can't teach what comes naturally ;)
by whistlers daughter April 25, 2013
41 26
Mikey-(noun)- (1)A Name given usually as a nickname to an individual who is extremely amiable, and lovable. A person titled with the name "Mikey" is usually extremely intellectual, and philosophical. The name "Mikey" originates from the root "Michael" meaning the Guardian of Angels.
(2)A Person who is extremely gifted, intelligent, and has the power to revolutionize the world. A person who understands what other people feel, and comforts them.
Person A: Hey cutie(: Are you busy?
Mikey: Not at all! All the time in the world for cutie(:
Person A: aaww.

Person A to Person B: Mikey's so cute haha. Don't you love him so much?
Person B: He's SO CUTE!
by Etymology Clarification November 08, 2009
67 54
a way of saying Mike or Michael
Chrissy: I caught Jason smoking a cigarette!
Karen: I saw Mike doing the same thing yesterday, and the weird part was, Billy told him to put it out!
Carrie: Mikey!
by Karen Stickney August 20, 2006
134 123
Mikey is what you could call perfection. Everything they does is perfect, from the way they sings to the way they draws. Mikeys are very modest and don't even realise that everyone loves them. Mikeys aren't all that good at academics (like maths and English) but they are very talented in other areas. Mikeys usually have amazing brown eyes, brown hair and maybe long arms. Mikeys are truely amazing and unique. Sometimes they can be shy though like a mouse. Mikeys are one of the best people you could ever meet. If you ever meet a Mikey, you are very lucky.
Person 1: Mikey is amazing
Person 2: I know right
Person 1: MIKEY
Person 2: WE LOVE YOU!!!!!
Mikey: *doesn't realise*
by U_R_what_U_R September 17, 2012
24 18