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Romanian sex kitten with boudoir eyes. This kitty likes to be pampered, loves buying shoes and makes that special purr when rubbing her feet. Don't drop your guard with her though - it usually attacks if left unattended or unloved.
Favorite foods include the Sibiu salami.
1. Mihaela loves shopping at DSW.

2. (Interviewer): Mihaela, what is your favorite food?

(Mihaela): Sibiu salami
by Mielu February 18, 2010
Mihaela is a feminine name that is usually used for Romanian girls. In other words, it means "The one that is god". Mihaela is a sweet and caring person, usually shy when it comes to guys, but is always willing to help someone she cares. She is often very gullible and that is one of her flaws, but that does not change the fact that shes devoted and very trust-worthy. She is very beautiful, both inside and out. You are a very lucky person if you are her sister or best friend. She'll never betray you and will always protect her family and friends. Often seems lazy, but is mainly hard-working and gets the job done, putting their priorities before anything else. She is also a very cute, intelligent, and the best girl you will ever meet in your life.
I met a girl named Mihaela online and ever since then, I never regretted not meeting her. She made my world a better place.
by The Cookie August 05, 2014
Slavic version of Michaela, mainly seen in people from Russia or Eastern Europe.

Could be shortened to 'Miha' - due to lazyness of the speaker
Mihaela is the slavic version of Michaela. It is not a type-o
by Black_Lady January 08, 2011
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