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A color that is the epitomy of darkness at night.
He couldn't see through the midnight blue.
by KatedaGreat August 26, 2008
Code term used to represent a black and/or African American person in a public setting.
Hehe check it out, Midnight Blues over there under tha bridge. Shit son, we be in the Midnight Blues part of town
by The SilentSiren June 02, 2007
Sex between a white woman and a black man
"Bradly and I are going to fool around tonight." Brittany said with a smile
Her friend Buffy looked at her astonished "The black guy? Looks like someones getting a little midnight blue."
by bangoskank December 26, 2009
A mixture between Blue Moon and Guiness.
Hey, barkeep, two Midnight Blues.
by Jerfull December 31, 2009
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