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A color that is the epitomy of darkness at night.
He couldn't see through the midnight blue.
by KatedaGreat August 26, 2008
11 4
Code term used to represent a black and/or African American person in a public setting.
Hehe check it out, Midnight Blues over there under tha bridge. Shit son, we be in the Midnight Blues part of town
by The SilentSiren June 02, 2007
6 0
Sex between a white woman and a black man
"Bradly and I are going to fool around tonight." Brittany said with a smile
Her friend Buffy looked at her astonished "The black guy? Looks like someones getting a little midnight blue."
by bangoskank December 26, 2009
5 5
A mixture between Blue Moon and Guiness.
Hey, barkeep, two Midnight Blues.
by Jerfull December 31, 2009
2 5