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To stay the course.
Bush: "We need to stay the course in Iraq."
Cheney: "Keep fucking that chicken."
by bangoskank October 09, 2009
A whole new level of deuchebag. The K stands for Kanye. No further explaination needed
Dude, did that guy just shit his pants? What a Kbag.
by Bangoskank February 12, 2010
Sex between a white woman and a black man
"Bradly and I are going to fool around tonight." Brittany said with a smile
Her friend Buffy looked at her astonished "The black guy? Looks like someones getting a little midnight blue."
by bangoskank December 26, 2009
Genre of movies (usually porn) created by asians. Movies that make no sense and are usually twisted, gross, or both. For some reason they usually include shit or other bodily excresions.
"Hey man check out this clip I found online. Shes shitting right on her head" said Fred. Richard shook his head and said "Man, those whacky asians"
by Bangoskank January 20, 2010
Having to shit so bad it feels like you already started a little early.
C'mon, how long are you going to be in the bathroom? I got to shit so bad i've got a popes nose.
by Bangoskank January 01, 2010

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