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Midnight Snacks is a radio show hosted by W.T. Snacks, known as a moderator of 4chan.org. It is played at 12AM of every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning
Hooray! Midnight Snacks is playing tonight!
by Anonymous Does Not Forgive July 26, 2005
When a person decides to eat way too much food at an unsightly hour of the night.
George: *goes into the kitchen and sees Dan* Why the hell are you eating a salad, a steak, and ice cream at three in the morning?
Dan: It's just a midnight snack...
George: Whatever you say, fat ass.
by Boogiebop July 10, 2008
This occurs when your spouse wakes you up from sleeping, and you become their midnight snack. ;)
Dan, Midnight Snack
by Shavetherainbow July 08, 2012
when you consume a hunny bun out of a girls pussy in the middle of the night.
Hey man i just got a Midnight Snack from sydney last night.
by Big z the beast January 13, 2011
When you put your dick in a girl's mouth right after you did her anal and theres a little remnant of what she ate that day on the end of your dick.
I think she ate corn tonight cause i just gave her a midnight snack.
by throbson October 05, 2006
when a person passes out, shits themselves, rolls around in it and eats it while sleeping
Billy had a midnight snack after getting drunk last night.
by Mr. Ambassador December 17, 2004