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The highest form of nub, noob or newbie. The biggest lamer. Likes to wonder obliviously following those who are supreme or considered to be with the "in-crowd". Frequently spotted at the gay bar holding a wooden dildo, which has suffered serious wood-rot, looking to attract the attention of a hapless OAP and lure them back to his lair where they will suffer a forum of torture so orgasmic.. they will die. Midness then proceeds to rumage through the corpses belongings pillaging everything considered to be of sentimental value. The belongings are then sold on to provide the "Midness" with a form of income. Avoid contact with this species at all costs, and if possible through unwanted garbage at it.
A shady character stands yonder corner wearing an oversized trench coat:

"Wanna bey sum guds?"
by Elite April 11, 2005
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