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---One of a group of similar music sub-genres formed in the 00's (such as cybergrind, digigrind, nintendocore, etc)that incorporates at least one track of midi computer composition. Midicore is similar to cybergrind, and is a sub-category of it, except that for midicore, computer generated midi sounds are a requirement where as synthetic instrumentation is a requirement in order to be considered cybergrind. Midicore is usally a mixture of harsh and fun sounds (usually in the same song) that include grindcore brutality along with upbeat video game sounding melodies. Most songs in the midicore genre are 10 seconds to two minutes in length.
---At this time, midicore is an extremely new genre and there are only a small number of musicians doing this. It is so new that a lot of midicore artists don't even know they are midicore. Also, most of these Midicore music projects are solo efforts. Usually, harsh, abrasive grindcore vocals are screamed over one of more tracks of midi, and this usually has drum machine blastbeats holding it all together.
---Midicore has not yet caught on and become popular and all of those artists who are recording this type of music are very underground as of now. Some examples of Midicore music are: The Smile Adventure, A Beautiful Lotus, Electrocutionerdz, 50 Ways To Kill Yourself, death cries make lullabies, Fuzzy Kitten Dance Machine, etc.
and hopefully plenty more to come (including my own project I'm working on)!!!
Person 1 "So what kind of music are you into?"
Person 2 "Umm... I'm into a lot of cybergrind, digicore, nintendocore, midicore, you know, stuff like that."
Person 1 "So what the fuck is 'that'?"
Person 2 "Oh, you mean Midicore? It's like cybergrind, only... it has MIDI."
Person 1 "What the fuck is cybergrind?"
Person 2 "Go away, I don't have time for you and your stupid face."