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A person who can easily be thrown because of shortness.
"I once saw 5 midgits covered in thousand island dressing, so i tossed them into traffic" - Nardo
by Nardo May 05, 2003
one of the first creatures the holy FSM created on our planet. the spelling is often mistaken as midget, with an E instead of an I. R'amen.
The Flying Spaghetti Monster created Midgits, Mountains and trees after heavily drinking, then rested and created the rest of the world at the end of the week. R'amen.
by faithful follower of the FSM March 28, 2009
A small, annoying person who seems to follow you about and bitch about being small
Hello everyone im Holly and im midgit, Now stop bullying me while I get those pickles of the top shelf
by Honey boo boo CHILD!!!!!!!!! September 29, 2013
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