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A very cool and sexy male. Sometimes able to cause multiple orgasms at once and able to really fuck up relationships. Anson's are known to cause so much commotion that people think their great
Anson: Wow I really fucked that one up
Hot Girl: Yeah, it was so great, are you as turned on as I am?
by OgBot February 20, 2010
a male name that is the root of awesomeness. he has no problem with the ladies and can cause a woman to have an orgasm just by pointing, winking at her and making that little clicking noise. he is also extremly athletic, you can see him playing football, hockey, and lax (possibly at the same time). he loves proving others wrong and he will always succed. he can be load at sometimes but he does it with swagger. he's pretty much a straight up g. those who hates on this bro should go jump off a cliff he's that awesome
Hot Girl 1#: isnt anson so awesome!

Hot Girl 2#: oh my god i want him in my pants!
by difinedtruth October 12, 2010
The dorkiest of dorks.
Boy: "You're so fine, I want to make you mine."
Girl: "Wow! You're a total anson! haha"
by beautifullife January 20, 2011
A slang term used only by the elete of Shorecrest. Anson is a term used to descibe the Randy Ginger transcendent from God himself. It is comenly used for a state of mind when your so fucked up all you can compare it to is being like Anson himself. An absolutly ridiculous human, who can't drive and is usually on Kpins. You can track down an Anson down by luring him with pot.
Hey, I heard you got pretty fucked up last night.

Ya Man, I was worst then anson.
by nukkah March 25, 2008
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