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A huge whorefest. Girls show up in teeny tops and mini skirts even in the dead of winter. Guys dress like the douchebags they are, wearing thier RocaWear and SouthPole. Some dances sell glowsticks, see school is educational, it's teaching 6th graders about raves! Not only the glowstick thing raves and dances have in common, they blare loud music. But not techno, oh no! middle school dances usually blare Top 40 hits from 5 months ago that everyone is sick of listening to because the local radio station overplays them, such as ''Smack That'' and When You're Mad'' but also they play shit from the 1970's like AC/DC when only half of the dimwitted students even know who they are, or when they came out. Then they play a slow song and it's a race to find someone of the opppiste sex. If you don't, you look like a loser in the corner all by yourself wishing the song would just friggin end already! or you look like a gay/lesbian if your one of those types that dances with thier friends during slow songs. Plus some of these dances have cops in the corner so we can make sure nobody's having oral sex on the floor while the gay ass teachers chaperoning are doing it anally in one of the classrooms as we speak.
A Middle School Dance was probably one of the worst things invented
by DizzyLizzy February 20, 2007
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A social event in which students between the age of 10-14 (i think, AKA Middle schoolers) and adults (teachers) attend. During this event the group will be divided in half, those with dicks and those without dicks. During this event the ppl who have dicks (or do they?), will talk about how they will be the "brave" one and ask out one of the people without dicks (also called women or girls). During the event some dancing may occur, in which it will almost certainly be people of the same sex dancing together. Then the following day the guys will boast about how they asked out the hot girl at the dance, which is obviously a lie.
The day after the middle school dance
John: Hey at the dance u should have seen it me and Sally got real dirty
Paul: REally wat happened
John: Oh i think i touched her once while i was getting a drink, i bet thats what sex is like
Paul: You are the master
by That British guy September 03, 2005
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A get-together where preppy little boys and girls try to fufill their sexual urges by freaking and grinding to music.
"I really want to go to the next middle school dance." Said Beatrice.
by mmmbop February 09, 2005
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when girls put on tight booty shorts and slutty tank tops just to stand around for an hour and then when the dancing actually starts to go and try to get any random douche bag to grind them.
Jane: I'm soooo excited for the middle school dance tonight!! I hope a hotty grinds me. What are you wearing?
Lulu: Booty shorts and a sugarlip!!! I love being a slut! I hope the guy i grind gets a boner - i love that.
by sirgrindalot July 08, 2011
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