1. A person who publicly supports Microsoft while turning a blind eye to its corruption.
2. A person who uses Microsoft products or services, particularly one who publicly supports Microsoft while turning a blind eye to its corruption.
There are probably millions of Microsofties who think Bill Gates is God, just as right-wingers worship George W. Bush (who is a major Microsofty in his own right).
by David Blomstrom October 03, 2007
Top Definition
1. Adjective. Characterizes software (from any publisher) that has an inherent random nature in quality, reliability, or interface consistency.

2. Adjective. Describes situations where software pauses mysteriously to perform some unknown action, preventing the user from interacting with it or the system as a whole. Most frequently unrelated to the user's actions and depending on the duration, invokes fits of mouse circling or key tapping in order to "get the system's attention".
1. "See? When I open it on my system the table of contents lists all the page numbers as 2," Sophia complained. "Okay, well this microsofty piece of crap did it when I opened it this morning - it's just 'cause you're standing there that its working now."

2. Joe said, "Let me add you to my contacts ... uh, wait, my email's gone all microsofty." He whips his mouse around in rapid, angry circles. "C'mon, c'mon. What the hell is it ... okay, here we go."
by Robzilla September 28, 2006
A person sensitive about his/her computer.
A Microsofty is unavoidable.
by Alaiinya May 23, 2007
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