The Great Lakes state. The Wolverine state. Located in the Upper Great Lakes region of the Midwest between 4 of the 5 Great Lakes. The weather sucks. It's too cold for much of the year and too humid in the summer. It is not uncommon in anywhere in Michigan to get some snow in May. There is hardly any sunlight. It's gray and overcast much of the time. If you want sunlight, go elsewhere. It ranks 8th in population with almost 10 million people but soon to be overshadowed by Georgia and North Carolina. Lansing is the capital and Detroit is its largest city. Other important population centers include Grand Rapids, Flint, Kalamazoo-Battle Creek and Ann Arbor. About half of the state lives in the Detroit metro area.

If you think your state sucks then look at this state. It has real problems. It was built on the auto industry and you can thank its large and antiquated labor unions such as the UAW and its Democrat money for ruining this state's economy. It has put all of its economic eggs in one basket (the auto industry) and has refused to diversify its economy. This has produced devastating effects: MI and Detroit has become the capital of the Rust Belt, it has lost the most jobs, has the country’s highest unemployment, the nation’s highest number of foreclosures and the brain drain. Detroit’s “Big Three” have not been able to compete with the Japanese and have been responsible for many of Michigan’s layoffs. Buick once called Flint home but no more. Ransom Olds (Oldsmobile) used to call Lansing home, but no more. These companies closed up shop years ago and will NEVER return. Don’t get me started on the problems the auto industry has caused Detroit and most important MI cities: job losses, a population exodus, crime and blight. Comerica, a large bank even recently moved its HQ from Detroit to Texas. Detroit has lost over half of its population and is no longer one of America’s top ten largest cities. It will soon be passed in population by Indianapolis, Jacksonville Columbus and Austin. Detroit has become hell’s largest suburb and its corporate headquarters. These are the facts and if Michiganders don’t like then it’s time to change things. Things have gotten so bad for many of Michigan’s cities that Governor Jennifer Granholm initiated a failed “cool cities” initiative to attract young folk back to its cities. It will never work becuase once Michiganders graduate from college they usually leave this place. Who could blame them?

MI ranks high in agriculture production. Its largest agricultural products include cherries (Traverse City is the world’s cherry capital), Christmas trees, dairy products and cereal (Kellogs is based in Battle Creek).

The typical Michigan accent resembles a dialect from Wisconsin, Minnesota or Ontario. Words like “can” are pronounced as KEN. “Hike, bike and kite” are pronounced as HOYK, BOYK and KOYT. Even simple words like “milk” are pronounced as MELK. Many college football fans are divided in loyalty between the Michigan State Spartans and UM Wolverines. If you’re form Ohio, don’t dare come up to MI and insult the Wolverines. You will likely end up with a black eye, split lip or a busted tooth. This is a state where retired auto industry workers move to the Sun Belt or Northern Michigan for its outdoor opportunities in hunting, fishing, skiing or even snowmobiling. Michiganders will often make weekend trips to cabins or vacation homes in Northern Michigan. Many of its old farts in the north can't drive worth a dam. Some places are nice to visit. Mackinac Island (pronounced MAK-IN-AW) is popular. The world's largest Christmas store is located in Frankenmuth, known for its German heritage.

There is nothing good about Michigan unless you like being without a job. Michigan sucks in general and it is not surprising that its people are leaving for greener pastures. I hate Michigan and am glad I moved out. I should have moved out earlier.
Michigan sucks and deserves its title as the capital of the Rust Belt.
by krock1dk August 07, 2007
The pothole and road construction state.
Wolverine state my ass!
by Ohio resident April 06, 2003
Another name for hell.
Anyone who lives in Michigan hates it here.
by sierra FILTH January 28, 2006
the worst place to live in the united states..
son: dad i dont even like michigan
dad: youre right son we should have moved to ohio. *sigh*
mom: GO BUCKEYES!! michigan is our bitchigan!!
by dmoo April 16, 2009
The welcome sign says, "Welcome to Michigan. Great Lakes. Great Times." I don't know why because there isn't much to do or see. Hunting, yes. Fishing, yes. Ice fishing, yes. And Sometimes snow skiing. Then there is the world's largest Christmas store in Frankenmuth, Greenfield Village in suburban Detroit and Mackinac Island (pronounced MAK-IN-AW) in northern Michigan, which is only good in the summer. Does all this qualify as something to do? Not in my opinion, but that's just me. Generally Michigan is a boring state to live in. No culture. No diversity, unless wiggers, hicks and white suburban yuppies count. No mountains. No amusement parks. No beaches or hot women in bikinis, except in the far south if you like polluted Lake Michigan. No awsome shopping opportunites like Chicago, Seattle or San Fran. There aren't many high-paying jobs either--at least not as many as there used to be because they all went to the Sun Belt or Mexico. Most people, IF they have a job, work in auto assembly plants downstate. The rest are either hick farmers and low-paying service workers. You will be looking for a long time to find work in this state. It should be part of Ontario. Michigan is not a very good state but, in fairness, is not the worst either. That would go to one of those Great Plains or Redneck States.
The biggest mistake I ever made was not moving out of Michigan sooner.
by krock1dk December 03, 2007
the crappiest state in this country. has lost to appalachian state and oregon state. is going to get their ass handed to them when the buckeyes come to town
How many batteries does it take to beat michigan? 1AA.
by michigan sucks October 01, 2007
The state of unemployement, terrible college football teams, yeah appalachian state did beat michigan. The state of saddness. The state covered in a fozen wasteland. I feel sorry for them up in michigan. Oh we dont give a care for the whole state of michigan cause we're from OHIO! 4 game win streak for the buckeyes!
I feel pitty for michigan.
by Adam Sparks April 08, 2008

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