My home state. 3 days ago it was around 55F now its 15F. in the winter the weather is like northern greenland, in the summer the weather is like southern australia. we only get 3 months of summer so its pretty cold here.

Bad. shitty as hell government, bad winter weather, ALOT of crime, one day it could be 70F the next -20F, no jobs.

Good. Best hunting in the usa, low gas prices, low jerkey prices pretty much anything you can buy anywhere else for 20 bucks you can get here for 5.
It's cold

It's affordable

It's michigan
by imjustapoorboynobodylovesme December 07, 2006
Once you get away from the cities and the cornfields, it's one of the prettiest states in the union. Check out the U.P., the Au Sable River, Torch Lake, Lake Michigan and many more areas.
Detroit's ugly, but Michigan is beautiful.
by bayou August 25, 2006
A state in the upper U.S. that is shaped like a mitten. It is a state that is usually picked on mostly because of the weather, potholes, and sports teams and people tend to say it is a bad place without even going there. It is best known for its cold weather, Eminem, and car productivity.
I want to move to Michigan someday.
by The Unknown February 22, 2005
Ok, first of all... people who say, "oh it sucks and it's so boring i've been there a million times" I LIVE HERE IN MICHIGAN I THINK I WOULD KNOW A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN YOU. yeah.. it's boring.. but there arent "just cornfields" beleive it or not, there ARE beaches here... and sometimes it gets up to 100 degrees. It's NICE having 4 seasons... at least it's not just hot weather... im sorry.. but if i had to wake up christmas morning and not see snow... it wouldn't even feel like christmas. all im saying.. is that when all everyones saying is that there's ONLY cornfields and it's only BORING... that's not the truth, so if you don't even live here... and your saying stuff like that, then you can shut the fuck up, because the only people who REALLY know about michigan are the ones who LIVE here.
person from california: OH EM GEE!! eeew michigan... all they have is cornfields!!!!

person from michigan: shut the fuck up you dumb bitch.
by Kaaaaaaatie July 24, 2006
The state where it can be a 70 degree, beautiful, sunny day on one day, and the very next can be a 45 degree rainy day. Also, it's almost impossible to find a job, due to the state being overrun by fucking idiots(Fuck you Granholm.). Other than that, Michigan is pretty sweet. It has the best sports teams - Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings, and - well, the Lions, yeah, they may suck, but we still love em.

Realistic info:
Largest city is Detroit. Capital is Lansing.

Other notable cities
Grand Rapids
Battle Creek
Ann Arbor
Auburn Hills

and plenty more.
Day 1: damn, it's nice outside. let's go play some baseball.
Day 2: shit, it's rainy as hell... ain't that a bitch! plus i need to go find a job. Oh well. I'll just chill and watch the tigers kill the white sox, the pistons fuck up the bulls, and the red wings murder any team that comes in their way. Also I will watch the Lions job to any team.
Day 3: 100 degrees... fuck! plus Im goin to Detroit for the tigers game! better bring the spf 3000!

michigan > your state

by Jordan Stevens May 09, 2007
Michigan is a state in the Midwest. It is one of the best places on earth. Lots of snow but you still have the beaches of the Great lakes in the summer.
Michigan is full of lots of sun and snow
by Meghan McClain April 26, 2006
A ROCKIN STATE that gets longer days off then florida.
florida sucks and michigan rocks

by noodlemac August 02, 2006
A place with funny names that you can meld into stupid jokes.

Such places are Climax,Hell,Paradise,Frankenmuth and Ann Arbor.

Suggested jokes are dependent on the reader and his or her educational level.
Everyone in Paradise will die in Hell Michigan...

Hey Ann Arbor! Up yours Ypsilanti and shut your Frankenmouth!
by Damn Damn Danno October 06, 2005

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