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*A magical state that consists of an upper and lower peninsula. The lower peninsula looks like a mitten.

*Here you can find college towns, laid off angry people, bored kids, cornfields, farms, and plenty homeless people in Detroit.

*Michigan can't be that bad, because people who live in Michigan actually vacation in other parts of Michigan.
People who live in the south part of Michigan like to go, "up north", sometimes to the U.P., to go hunting, fishing, camping, and visit the tourist attractions in their good old home state.

*Once people in Michigan turn 19,it is almost tradition to cross the birdge into Canada to go drinking.

*People love boats in Michigan, because of all the lakes, but have to sell them (no one will buy them) because they can't afford to use them anymore.

*Sometimes things get pretty depressing in Michigan, but at least the weather keeps us on our feet (you never know what to expect.)

*Numerous famous people hail from Michigan.. (Bob Sieger, Madonna, The White Stripes, Eminem, Kid Rock, Chiodos...)
I live in Michigan and I don't have a job, but at least I have a boat, a cornfield in my backyard, and saw Kid Rock at a Piston's game!
by fingersofsalad October 12, 2008
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One of the 50 states in the united states. Michigan has a lot of tourism, beaches, campgrounds, and they have the Petoskey stone which is a cool rock.

Also theres lots of dramatic weather changes.
Dad: We are going on a trip to michigan kids

Mom: take the jackets and the swim suits, its supposed to be 80 on tuesday, and 43 and rainy on tuesday.
by Ryan B. (Apple Oinker) July 28, 2008
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The best State. Even though Granholm fucked us up. I was born in Ann Arbor and lived in southeast Michigan my whole life. It is a beautiful state. Even though there are a lot of poor people, there are still those that are normal.

People in Michigan go on vacation in their own state because its beautiful. Everyone has a boat and goes to lakes "up north" or to their "cottage" (coddage) If you don't own a boat, no worries, one of your friends does for sure and they'll let you chill with them.

People in Michigan are aggressive drivers and actually know how to drive, unlike people in most other states. There are lakes everywhere that people vacation at, so you get to meet new people a lot.

I vacation at Higgin's lake and Burt Lake in the northern lower peninsula and it is beautiful, except for when you can't go on the boat because its storming. The Great Lakes are awesome too (esp. Huron) even though they are a little chilly.

In the Summer(ish season) there are a lot of rich people from other states that go to the lakes because its so cheap to vacation in Michigan.

And the people are nice. Though a lot of people have lost their jobs and are poor, they are still the most generous people you could find.
Grew up in Hamburg, Canton, Plymouth, and Howell Michigan.

Michigan is kind of the vernacular bridge for words.

*We know what soda is, but we call it by the right name: POP
some may even choose to call it soda-pop
*A woodchuck and a groundhog are the same thing, but we call it by the right name: WOODCHUCK

*a refrigerator is a "fridgerator"
*government is "goverMit"
* Stores such as Meijer, Kroger, and K-mart get a possessive s attached for whatever reason and become Meijer's, Kroger's, and K-mart's.

* The beach refers to whatever lake you are closest to, whether it be a great lake or a smaller one.

*There is such a thing as a Michigan accent we pronounce t's in the middle of worlds like d's (city= Ciddie)and we draw out our a's (baaathroom)
*If you are from the U.P. (that's upper peninsula for you outsiders) then you are a yooper, if you are from the lower peninsula, you are a Troll (because you are below the Bridge)
*The "Bridge" refers to the Mackinac Bridge
*Correct pronunciations of Mackinac= Mackinac Bridge-MackinaW, Mackinaw City-MackinaW, Straits of Mackinac-MackinaCK, Fort Michilimackinac- MichilimackinaCK
by Heliolater July 08, 2010
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The best state. The home of cars and cereal.

The best MI cites:
Benton Harbor
Flint Grand Rapids

Every city except Hell, Michigan
Nothing like good ol' Michigan.
by M Ville October 14, 2006
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It's an overall nice state. Yeah, we have unemployment, and three (maybe four) of our cities were named in the top ten with the most crime in the U.S. But have you seen our beaches? Our sunsets, oh wow. And people think it's boring and horrible, etc, etc. The people are generally nice, and even though it's freezing, it can also be hot. Our spring is one of the nicest around. And yes, we have FOUR seasons, and even though I want to move to Cali later in life, MICHIGAN will always be my home. So the Lions suck right now. They're getting better! The Pistons are good, the Red Wings are good, Michigan and Michigan State are nice. So our gov't has had some problems (okay, a lot), but so does the national gov't. So we might be country people, for the most part, but you can tell the difference between our city people and our truly, truly country people. And guess what else? We can drive in ANY conditions. So beat that.
Commercial: come and visit....Pure Michigan
by WeLikeItHere December 27, 2010
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Michigan is an awesome state that doesnt just have black people. myself being born and raised in flint would know a little more than people who have never even visited. flint is not all black, im white and my neighborhood consists of many white people, its not even that bad. were not HICKS are you kidding me? especially not in the city. there are beautiful features located all over in michigan. the weather isnt terrible, winters are cold but the summers get hot. there hasnt been snow in may either. we have really good sports teams and colleges. we do have a high unemployment rate though. dont talk about michigan untill youve came here, let alone LIVE here.
pistons.tigers.GO BLUE. go michigan.
by briannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa February 28, 2009
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A great state.
Beautiful lakes and sunsets, and grass.
Huge city of Detroit with the Tigers and Red Wings making things interesting, and bringing in things like the North American International Auto Show.
Maybe the auto industry is going downhill, but we're still the birthplace of the car.
Lots of beautiful snow, but warmer than Minnesota so you can actually play in it.

Two peninsulas (connected by the famous Mackinaw Bridge) so if you are sick of the city life you can just visit your own state, and basically visit a different world.
Home to a ton of great colleges, and some good jobs in the Advertising industry, and Chemical Engineering fields.
We also have great fruit, like the cherry festival and Michigan Apples!!
And where else can you show someone where you live by using your hand??
Oh Yeah! I'm from Michigan, right here!

Wait...that's your hand
by BridgeMich January 17, 2011
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