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The term that states that some people DON’T like California, and California is NOT what many people think it is.
Fuck California and all of its lies.
by Jon March 14, 2005
The response to those that make statements in which the state of California is idealized as the greatest, and only good state.
Person 1: "Can't wait to go to Cali next week!!!!"
Person 2: "Cali is soooo chill, can't wait to go there!!!"

Me: Fuck California, you live in Northern Virginia, bitch
by RMT July 11, 2005
What people say when they realize how much they wished they live in California.

Used by non-californians when jealousy turns to anger
Californian: Man we had 75 degree weather in November, sunny skies. Perfect Weather. Couldn't get better than this
Shivering non-californian: Man, fuck california
by Californian December 11, 2005

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